Sunday, February 12, 2012

Most favorite films I saw in Bangkok Experimental Film Festival 6 in 2012

This list is inspired by Wiwat Lertwiwatwongsa's list:

1.COMING ATTRACTIONS (2010, Peter Tscherkassky, Austria, A+30)

2.MADANG BO SAI (1999, Paisit Punpruksachat, A+30)

3.EXPLORER (1968, Pramod Pati, India, A+30)

4.PULSATION (2011, Pieter Geenen, Belgium/Cyprus, A+30)

5.LIFE CONTINUED (1966, Zhuang Ling, Taiwan, A+30)

6.FILM FROM LAMPANG (around 1971, Anonymous, A+30)

7.Found footage of Lucy Mills (around 1930, New Zealand, documentary, A+30)

8.BERNADETTE (2008, Duncan Campbell, A+30)

9.ROGHIEH (2009, Alysse Stepanian, Iran, A+30)

10.THE GARDEN (2010, Ann Steuernagel, USA, A+30)

11.PRAXIS-8 (2010, Dietmar Brehm, A+30)

12.UNTITLED ROAD MOVIE (around 1970's, Winai Euarchukiate, documentary, A+30)

13.STAR (ALTERNATIVE VERSION) (2011, Choi Sai Ho, Hong Kong, A+30)

14.HOME WORK (1966, Ho Fan, Hong Kong, A+15)

15.WORLD WITHOUT END (1953, Paul Rotha + Basil Wright, UK/Thailand/Mexico, documentary, A+15)

16.MAKE IT NEW JOHN (2009, Duncan Campbell, UK, A+15)

17.CONFERENCE (2011, Norbert Pfaffenbichler, Austria, A+15)

18.BEGGAR (1977, Law Kar, Hong Kong, A+15)

19.THE IMPOSSIBILITY OF KNOWING (2011, Tan Pin Pin, Singapore, A+15)

20.TWO CORONATIONS (2011, Stephen Connolly, UK, A+15)

21.MOROLOJA (2008, Manuela Barile. Portugal, A+15)

22.THE CITY AND THE OTHER (2010, Albert Merino, Spain, A+15)

23.HOW TO CLEAN A PUDDLE (2008, Roland Wegerer, Austria, A+15)

24.MORNING (2010, Kok Siew Wai, Malaysia, A+15)

25.SOMETHING ABOUT FIVE PEOPLE (1973, Lau Fung Kut, Hong Kong, A+10)

26.GHOSTS IN THE CLASSROOM (2011, Ukrit Sa-nguanhai, A+10)

27.UNTITLED#1, FROM THE SERIES 'EIGHT MEN LIVED IN THE ROOM' (2010, Hyewon Kwon, South Korea, A+10)

28.200,000 PHANTOMS (2008, Jean-Gabriel Périot, France, A+10)

29.SUTADI AIN'T HERE ANYMORE (2010, Marthen Luther Sesa, Indonesia, A+10)

30.OCEANO NOX (2011, Georg Wasner, Austria, A+10)

31.ENDEAVOUR (2010, Johan Lurf, Austria, A+10)

32.SPACES (2010, Signe Chiper-Lillemark, Denmark, A+10)

33.THE 7TH OF NOVEMBER (2009, Yuriy Kruchak + Yulia Kostereva, Ukraine, A+10)

34.WITHOUT WINDOWS (2009, Mohammed Harb, Palestine, A+10)


36.CATWALK (Amarin Pajonyuth, A+10)

37.PERHAPS (2006, Kok Kai Foong, Malaysia, A+10)

38.AN ESCALATOR IN WORLD ORDER (2011, Kim Kyung-man, South Korea, documentary, A+5)

39.HARD RAILS ACROSS A GENTLE RIVER (2011, Tran Tranh Hien + Pham Thu Hang + Do Van Hoang + Tran Thi Phuong, Vietnam, documentary, A+5)

40.CHRONICLE OF A TAPE RECORDED OVER (2011, Nguyen Trinh Thi, Vietnam, documentary, A+5)

41.A SOLDIER'S SONG SAMPLE EXPERIMENT (2011, Nguyen Trinh Thi, Vietnam, A+5)

42.HOLD STILL (2009, Rachel Shearer, New Zealand, A+5)

43.SPACE DRAWING NO.5 (2009, Sai Hua Kuan, Singapore, A+5)

44. 2:48 MINUTES WITH THE DOOR (2009, Andres Jurado, Colombia, A+5)

45.LUNAR ECLIPSE (Boonserm Punnahitanonda, documentary, A+5)

46.WHITENESS IN DARKNESS (2012, Koji Tambata, Japan/Thailand, A+5)

There are also a lot of other films which I like very much in this festival, but I haven't included them here, because I like them a little bit less than the 46 films above.

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