Monday, February 13, 2012

THE RIPPLE (2012, Chumpon Utayophat, A+30)

This art exhibition is held at Jamjuree Art Gallery until February 21, 2012. I like this exhibition very much, because some wood carving works in this exhibition make me feel extremely calm. It seems as if some wood carving works in this exhibition possess the power of tranquility, and I'm completely overwhelmed by it. My most favorite work in this exhibition is the wood table called RIPPLES AND LAND NO.1 (2011). Looking at this table makes me feel like meditating.

If I have to screen some films for this exhibition, I would choose these films, because these films are also about water, and their power of tranquility casts a spell on me:

1.FLOW (2011, Chew Win Chen, Malaysia)

2.HIGH KUKUS (1973, James Broughton)

3.PISCINE (2002, Jean-Baptiste Bruant + Maria Spangaro)

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Labor Posters said...

Great art work and i was thinking about the wood with shock wave things that looks so softly when viewing nearby.