Saturday, February 18, 2012

THERAPY (2012, Nophand Boonyai + Dujdao Vadhanapakorn Boonyai, A++++++++++)

This stage play gives a new experience for me -- it presents us a real-time session between an art therapist and his client/patient. It shows us how an art therapist works, and it may help us deal with our own emotional problems indirectly.

What I like very much in this play includes the character of the patient's wife (Donruedee Jamraschai). She is so interesting as a character that I regret she is not the main character in this play. I like it very much that she dares to comment on the clothes of the therapist's assistant. I think most people don't do things like that. So when Donruedee's character does that thing, I think this character has a very interesting personality, or even a very interesting psychological or mental problem. If this character becomes a main character in a film, I think that film has the potential to be as great as SEPTEMBER (1987, Woody Allen) or ANOTHER WOMAN (1988, Woody Allen).

The character of the therapist (Anupun Pruegpunkajee) is also very interesting. He is the opposite of me. He is very calm and can control his emotions very well. I wish to be like him. I think I get angry very easily, though not as violently as the patient in this play (Saifah Tanthana). Watching this play makes me realize how our emotions can get out of control very easily, and how we might be able to calm ourselves down.

Talking about mental problems, I think one film which presents a mental problem which is very similar to mine is SMOKING/NO SMOKING (1993, Alain Resnais, A+30). There's a scene in this film in which Sabine Azema tries to organize her own shop in a fair, or something like that, but she can't do it in time, and then she has a nervous breakdown. That scene reminds me of my own anxiety. I'm always worried that I cannot do my work, or I cannot do it well, or I cannot finish it in time. Maybe I need to see some therapists.

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