Sunday, February 12, 2012

Films seen on Sunday, January 29, 2012

1.PULSATION (2011, Pieter Geenen, Belgium/Cyprus, A+30)
You can watch this film here:

The act of watching something relentlessly for a long time in this film reminds me a little bit of RUHR (2009, James Benning, A+30). Another reason why I like this film very much is because it shows the national symbol as a symbol of oppression. Some people in some countries may hate some national symbols very much, but these powerless ordinary people can do nothing against these national symbols, except turning their eyes away from the symbols.

2.LIFE CONTINUED (1966, Zhuang Ling, Taiwan, A+30)

3.Found footage of Lucy Mills (around 1930, New Zealand, documentary, A+30)
I like this found footage very much, because it seems to depict a happy lesbian relationship 80 years ago.

4.MAKE IT NEW JOHN (2009, Duncan Campbell, UK, A+15)

5.THE IMPOSSIBILITY OF KNOWING (2011, Tan Pin Pin, Singapore, A+15)
The impossibility of knowing the real motive of a suicide in this film reminds me of the film GILLES' WIFE (2004, Frédéric Fonteyne, A+15) and UNINVITED (2003,Lee Soo-yeon, A+30).

6.UNTITLED#1, FROM THE SERIES 'EIGHT MEN LIVED IN THE ROOM' (2010, Hyewon Kwon, South Korea, A+10)

7.SUTADI AIN'T HERE ANYMORE (2010, Marthen Luther Sesa, Indonesia, A+10)

8.HOLD STILL (2009, Rachel Shearer, New Zealand, A+5)

9.COMS DEVICE (2011, Nadav Assor, Israel, A+)

10.SACK BARROW (2011, Ben Rivers, UK, A+)

11.THE BIG PICTURE องค์ประกอบของเวลา: ในโลกไทยทัศนา (2011, Suporn Shoosongdej, A+)

12.BLUR LUMINOUS (2011, Taweewit Kijtanasoonthorn, A+)

13.PROGRESS IN TAIWAN (1960, Taiwanese Government, A+)

14.LAY CLAIM TO AN ISLAND (2009, Chris Kennedy, Canada, A+)

15.RE-BANHO (2011, Tales Frey, Portugal, A+)

16.724 14TH ST (2010, Ching Yi Tseng, Taiwan/USA, A+)

17.MY NEWBORN BABY (1967, Zhuang Ling, Taiwan, A+/A)

18.6TH BIRTHDAY AND MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU 1962 (1962, Charles Ong Cheng Yam, Singapore, documentary, A+/A)

19.VINCENT'S 8TH BIRTHDAY (1965, Charles Ong Cheng Yam, Singapore, documentary, A+/A)

20.BIRTHDAYS 1965 AND 1967 (1965+1967, Charles Ong Cheng Yam, Singapore, documentary, A+/A)

21.OZ@1950 (2010, Dirk De Brwyn, Netherlands, A)

22.PHI (2011, Jessica Mautner, UK, A)

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