Saturday, October 10, 2015

THE CHICKEN (Una Gunjak, A+30)

Films seen for the first time in SHNIT FILM FESTIVAL on Friday, October 9, 2015

1.THE CHICKEN (Una Gunjak, Germany, A+30)

2.THE NEIGHBOURS (Diego Figueroa, Chile, A+30)

3.COMPLETO (Ivan D Gaona, Colombia, A+30)

4.EGGPLANT (Yangzi She, USA, animation, A+25)

5.MOONKUP --  A PERIOD COMEDY (Pierre Mazingarbe, France, A+15)

6.THE PARCEL (Hayden Phipps, South Africa, A+15)

7.NIGHTCHILD (August Aabo, Denmark, A+10)

8.AMONG NEIGHBOURS (Katharina Bischof, Germany, A+10)

9.UNLEADED (Emmanuel Tenenbaum, Canada, A-)

10.COOPED (Mike A Smith, USA, animation, A-)

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